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ADR Certification of New and Used Motorcycles.

Protech Specialise in Motorcycle Development and Certification and can offer you a one-stop-shop service.

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Thinking of Building or Importing Motorcycles?

New Motorcycles must be certified under New Low Volume or Full Volume requirements.

Used Motorcycles must be certified and complianced under the RAWS/SEVS scheme.



Following is the general process for certifying a motorcycle to the RVCS (Road Vehicle Certification Scheme) full volume requirements. 

The certification/homologation process involves the following steps.

  •  Importation of a sample unit for the purposes of testing.

  •  Testing of the model

  •  Compiling of certification documentation.

  •  Submission of evidence to Federal Government.

  •  Government inspection of model type known as SUTI (Single Uniform Type Inspection)

  •  Issue of approval

  •  Volume Importation of model.

  •  Sales commence. 

Specific details of the requirements are as follows:- 

Registration of Licensee, Design and Production facilities. 

  •  Prior to being able to import a sample model for testing, the Federal Government require the manufacturer to be registered as a Licensee and to have the Design and Production facilities registered. In addition, the following documents must be provided to the Government.

  •  A statement that the manufacturer allows the Government access to the Design and Production Facilities for the purpose of Conformity of Production (COP) audits.

  •  A copy of the organizations ISO 9001 Quality System Documentation or approval certificate.

  •  A Business plan for the sale of the motorcycles in Australia.

  •  Details of the proposed use of the test and evaluation unit. 

Application for Import Approval for evaluation vehicle. 


To get the sample model/s into Australia, an Import Approval must be applied for. An accompanying letter to the pro-forma application must be sent detailing that the vehicle will be used for Engineering evaluation and testing for the purposes of obtaining a Compliance Plate Approval. You must also attach photographs/specifications and/or web site details so that the government can verify the model specification. A fee of $50.00 must accompany the pro-forma application. 



The test samples must NOT be shipped until the Import Approval has been granted. The Import Approval must be given to a customs agent to arrange clearance.




Before formal testing is commenced it is recommended that Protech perform an initial evaluation of the model to determine if there are any physical barriers to the certification ie-dimensional limits in relation to lighting or equipment fitted. As part of this evaluation, we highlight any potential non-compliances and their possible solution together with an estimate of the cost for the solution. This will allow you to determine of the model would remain financially viable. 



Provided the initial evaluation is satisfactory, full testing then commences. 




Upon successful completion of the testing, the ADR submission is then compiled and submitted electronically. 


Single Uniform Type Inspection (SUTI).


A production ready sample must be presented for inspection by the Government. This inspection would normally take place at our premises and takes 1/2 day. The inspection verifies the evidence submitted and basically does the type of inspection we performed at the start of the evaluation. 




Once any SUTI issues are resolved and all the documentation is cleared, DoIT issue the Compliance Plate Approval. Import of volume may then commence. Volume units also require an Import Approval from the Federal Government and must be obtained before the units are shipped. 



DoIT have a 34 day approval timing from receipt of the last correct piece of evidence. An example of the expected timing would be as follows:-

Import Approval 5 weeks

Initial Evaluation 1 week

Testing 12 weeks

Compilation of submission 3 weeks

SUTI Inspection:- Minimum of 4 weeks after submission received by DoIT

Approval issued:- Approx 2 weeks after SUTI successfully completed. 

The approximate project time from the landing of a sample vehicle to approval would be approximately 24 weeks. This assumes that all tests pass first time and that little or no development time is required.








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