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  • ADR Testing ADR Testing
    Protech Developments Pty Ltd provides a wide
    range of Australian Design Rule (ADR) testing
    services. With in-house testing and
    co-ordination of external facilites, we can
    provide individual ADR or full vehicle
  • Validation testing ROVER/RVSA
    Protech Developments provide all manner of
    ADR certification services using the Road
    Vehicle Standards Act ROVER on-line system.
    Component Type Approval (CTA) applications,
    Test Vehicle Import Applications,
  • Motorcycles MOTORCYCLES
    Protech Developments can offer a full
    one-stop-shop for all your Motorcycle
    Testing & Certification needs.

ROVER (Road Vehicle Regulator) is an administration system for the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018.

This legislation replaces the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989. ROVER provides a single integrated system for all approvals and activities under the Road Vehicle Standards legislation, allowing you to: Submit and pay for an application Monitor the progress of your application Receive and respond to requests for information regarding your application Be notified of the decision outcome of your application.

Getting started with ROVER.

In order to access ROVER, you will need to create an account. You can do this by clicking the Sign in button below and then creating a new account.

Once your account has been created, you will be able to log in to ROVER via the Sign in button.

Note that all ROVER accounts require multi-factor authentication in order to help secure your data. ROVER uses your email address and your mobile (cell) phone number to provide this additional level of authentication whenever you log in to ROVER.

Protech Developments is able to manage your program from scheduling right through to Type Approval.