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  • ADR Testing ADR Testing
    Protech Developments Pty Ltd provides a wide
    range of Australian Design Rule (ADR) testing
    services. With in-house testing and
    co-ordination of external facilites, we can
    provide individual ADR or full vehicle
  • Validation testing Validation testing
    Protech Developments provide all manner of
    Durability, Development and Validation
    programs including Accelerated Mileage
    accumulation, Cold Testing, Hot Testing,
    Benchmarking and Prototype evaluation
    together with Advanced Driver Assist (ADAS)
    validation testing.
    Protech Developments is the Australian
    Distributor of the award winning Racelogic
    VBOX GPS based test equipment.
    Our dedicated VBOX web site is at


The Australian Design Rules for Motor Vehicles (ADR’s) are Safety and Design Regulations which all Motor Vehicles in Australia are required to comply with. Protech provides consulting and testing services to prove compliance to these Federal Regulations.

Protech can provide engineering services and the provision of Vic Roads VASS Certificates for motor vehicles. This involves the writing of Engineering Reports allowing the registration of Imported and/or modified vehicles. We can also sign-off vehicles imported under the Federal Personally Imported Vehicle scheme.